Every time I get a clean MRI scan I feel like I’ve cheated death a little bit. Something always happens between scans that makes me feel sure the tumor is growing and somehow it’s always as the scan is approaching.

This time it was pain behind my right eye. Weeks of pain, a blind spot when I was driving, but the scan is clean. Pain is likely due to a scratch, but the optometrist couldn’t tell for sure.

I’m going back again in 4 months which is great news primarily b/c Kelsey will have already given birth. When Jett was born he needed a procedure on his heart within hours, with Beni I had just been diagnosed with brain cancer. We’d both like to have a nice, normal, fucking boring, birth for once. This baby has already been cleared from heart conditions so we’ll see how it goes. We aren’t exactly the model family when it comes to health.

Last week we went to the ER at 2am with Jett b/c he was having trouble breathing. He scored a 10 on arrival which basically means he could have been moments away from turning blue. Turns out it was either this nasty enterovirus d68 or asthma. He’s fine now so we think it was the virus, but we’ll only know for sure if it doesn’t come back.

We’re far from healthy but besides that doing great! Love the new neighborhood we’re living in, still getting settled in. Jett and Beni both do things every day that surprise me, make me proud, make me laugh, and often all 3 at once.