It’s been several months since my last blog post. I forgot to pay for my old domain, oops. I thought it was on auto pay but clearly have a lot going on. So, if you want ronniecastro.me – it’s available. Sure to be swooped up soon. I’ll stick to the free domains moving forward.

So first, a few announcements and then random thoughts. We bought a house, I got another tattoo and Kelsey is pregnant. Kelsey won’t let me post a picture of her beautiful belly yet, but here are the other two.

20140823_155557 (1) house

Tattoo is half done, I get the rest done next month and then I’ll take a better selfie.

Random thoughts over the past few months.

Cancer is a mind fuck. It doesn’t permeate every one of my thoughts anymore but I probably think about cancer 20 times/day. That sucks.

Jett just turned 3. His birthday wish: “I wish my daddy didn’t have cancer.” Yeah, my 3 year old knows about cancer. That sucks.

I played basketball for the first time since my surgery a few days ago. I couldn’t focus for most of the game, like literally couldn’t focus. You don’t realize how much turning is involved in basketball until you get dizzy every time you turn. I have to teach my brain how to deal with this – I’m determined to do so.

On a related note, I find random bruises on my body which I can only guess is from running into things. Most are desk height.

Seattle Brain Cancer Walk is coming up. If you’re local, drop by and walk with me. http://www.braincancerwalk.org/

Some people might be wondering why Kelsey and I decided to have another child given everything going on with my health. I certainly thought when I was diagnosed there was no chance we’d have another kid. There’s two things that changed my mind. 1, Kelsey is such an amazing mom she’s probably worth 2+ average parents. Seriously. Our kids are so lucky. 2, my kids are awesome. If you’ve never been around them, they are quite the treat. Energetic, social, kind (Beni is working on that, but Jett is a gentleman now), crazy smart, and endless amounts of emotion (more positive earlier in the day). How could we not bring another amazing person into this world? It felt pretty selfish of me to not have another child.

Something people may not know. ~5 years ago Kelsey and I started the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia. After living overseas in 3rd world countries, it was something we felt compelled to do. We were on the waiting list, just waiting for the call that we were next. Then cancer happened. Long story short, the Ethiopian courts would likely not allow us to adopt but we wouldn’t find out until we were there and had met the child.