I haven’t posted since I was halfway through radiation. The 2nd half was tough. The last few weeks were the first time I ever felt like I was dying throughout this whole process. Radiation has left it’s toll, mostly on my hair. The back of my head has been mistaken for a few things, here they are in popularity order:



1. a 3 leaf clover. I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me if I shaved my head in the shape of a 3 leaf clover. Even people that knew I was going through radiation. Seriously?

2. a snow angle. This one is cute, mostly from little kids.

3. Notredame fanatic

I was much happier when it was just the scar and I looked like a badass. Now I just look like a freak. It’s bothering me more than I would have thought.

My energy is still not fully recovered, but it’s good enough to keep up with Jett and Beni most of the time so that’s good enough in my book. I even managed to take a trip to Cali to see my family and flew with Jett by myself. It was the last of three roundtrip flights in the span of two weeks. It pretty much wiped me out.

But things are getting better. While I still have issues with energy, dizziness, nausea, and regulating my body temperature (this is a new one – Doc says it happens to people that have had brain surgery and radiation, they don’t know why), there are several pieces of good news that have come in the last month. First one is Jett was cleared by his cardiologist for two years. Kelsey and I both thought with the way things were going she was going to tell us he needed open heart surgery. It seems things may be finally turning around for us.

I had an MRI today where I was cleared for the next three months! Everything looked as expected in the scan. Every time I meet with the Doc, part of me expects him to say “You have x months to live.” Based on what he says, if that were the case, I’d probably know it before he said anything. He thinks I’ll feel something very wrong before they would see it in a scan. Somehow that’s a relief.

I feel a lot better heading into Christmas and New Years now and am looking forward to celebrating Kelsey’s big 33 tomorrow!

PS A friend of mine just beat cancer, way to fight Benji. I grew a ‘stache in November and every time I saw this hideous thing in the mirror, I thought of you 😉