Sorry for the lack of updates in a while, I have a good reason! For the past month, my start-up Porch has been gearing up for our big launch which is happening today. It’s been over a year in the works and I’m incredibly excited to introduce the product to the public today. Porch is a home improvement network that lets you see the projects that have happened in your neighborhood including photos, cost information and more. Check it out, it’s pretty cool. The experience is unlike anything else online today.


We all got to the office today at 5am in preparation for the big launch. Lots of Porch t-shirts being worn. Leave me a comment if you want one.


Building a company isn’t easy, and it sure doesn’t get easier with brain cancer and a newborn. The past month has really been fantastic though for many reasons and I have lots of stuff to share.


Kelsey will be doing another blog post. I loved reading everything from her point of view and I know others did too. So the post is coming, stay tuned.


The other big news is that I started treatment yesterday. After all my friends pulled together an amazing donation effort, it was an easy decision to move forward with my treatment. We’ll be paying out of all of our pockets since my jackass insurance company Lifewise won’t foot the bill. And there’s a few surprises for them coming that I can’t write about yet.


The giveforward fund was really fun to watch. I checked it every day and it was so cool to see when it would spread to different networks of mine and Kels. We have been pretty lucky to have had different experiences around the world…  Buenos Aires, India, the Bay Area, Seattle, Sydney, Brazil, Google, Expedia, Stanford, JBHS. It was absolutely a turning point in my state of mind. All of you are now part of the cure for cancer.


I’ll talk more about the specific treatment after my first week but here’s some quick info. It’s radiation, not chemo. I don’t feel a thing. If you’ve seen the Man in the Iron Mask, that’s a little what it’s like.


It’s hard to believe everything happens for a reason when you have a terminal disease, but it’s hard not to also.


Freshman year at Stanford I’m matched with my future best friend, who happens to live in Seattle, which in 10 years will become a center for brain cancer research and cutting edge technology.


March, 2013. A month before the big C gets dropped on me, Seattle opens a Proton Therapy Center. It’s only the 12th one in the US.


1983, my family moves to the US from Cuba. Does the tumor get caught in Cuba? I don’t know. But I bet the guy doing surgery there isn’t as good as my guy.


Last year, we move from the east side to the west side of Seattle and change doctors to UW. Scheduling an MRI for a guy that can pass physicals no problem isn’t a given.


2004, Kelsey and I get married. Yes, we’ve almost been married 10 years! Every day she gives me reasons to live unlike what any other person would be able to. And our two children are the sweetest kids in the world and that’s all her.


Months before my diagnosis, my wife and I write a will and I get life insurance. I qualify at the elite level, which is basically the highest health segment. If I don’t make it, it’s likely the medical bills will be high but knowing my family is covered is a weight off my shoulders.


I don’t think I cursed once in this post, things must be looking up!


As always, thanks for following.