I had a lumbar puncture today, otherwise known as a spinal tap. It sounds a lot worse than it is, but I still would never choose to do it – unlike the doctor that performed it on me. When he was a med student, and poor, he opted to do an LP for $100. I told Kelsey I might do it again for $1000, but not for $500. I figured it’d be worth a new set of irons, but not just a new driver.

An LP is basically like getting an epidural. I’ve seen Kelsey get two of them. When you’re in labor and in the worst pain of your life, getting an epidural ain’t bad. Plus, it’s a means to the end of your pain. It took about 15 minutes, there was a large needle involved and it was more uncomfortable than it was painful.

He removed a couple of tea spoons of spinal fluid and it takes only a few hours for the body to regenerate that much. The doctor that did it for me is really good at it. Normally you  have headaches afterwards but he was able to avoid that by using a smaller needle and optimizing the entry angle. I probably can’t explain it well, but the smaller needle means there’s less leakage after the procedure. What happens normally is the leak causes the brain to sag and you get a headache.

That’s done now and he told me there’s a 3% chance there are tumor cells in my spinal fluid. If that’s the case, then radiation treatment will encompass a larger area. I used to think 3% basically meant ‘not going to happen,’ but after getting a brain tumor, 3% sounds pretty high.

My odds of getting this tumor were 1 in 120,000 – or 0.0008%. Maybe this is a sign I should play the lottery more.

My son made me cry the other day – in a happy way. Ever since the laryngoplasty I had, I’ve sounded different. Better than I did with only one functioning vocal cord, but bad enough I heard the following comments “is this your new voice?” “is this as good as it gets?” etc.

Jett’s almost 2 and his bed time routine is pretty short and sweet. He used to like reading books and singing songs before going in his crib, but now, usually seconds after sitting in a chair to drink some milk he’ll point to the crib to go in. Well, the other night I got to put him to bed for the first time in months.

My voice is decent in the morning, but by the end of the day, I sound like a quiet, raspy, life time smoker. I was expecting a quick point to the crib when I started singing but Jett let me sing two songs and then actually asked for more.

So, as bad as my voice is (and my singing has always been bad), my kid still likes it and that’s all I really care about…