Thank you

I knew people would be nice hearing about what my family and I are going through, but I had no idea it would be this good. It has been incredible how many people have responded with kind words, encouragement, offers to help and more. It absolutely makes a difference.   Thanks for sending messages to Kelsey too – this may sound weird, but this has been harder for her than it has been for me.

Every morning when I get up, the first thing I do is read new messages. Every one makes me feel a little better. Some are from family, some from friends, some from friends from years ago, some from total strangers. I’m uplifted, motivated, and compelled to come out of this ok even more now. The most surprising thing has been people’s confidence in me to beat this thing. Way more confidence than I had when I first heard the news. I feel like I’m passing out of the initial shock now. I’m understanding more and it’s helping me feel better about this whole thing.

I know people are curious and have lots of questions so I’ll do my best to share what I know. I’ll gladly sacrifice privacy for added words of encouragement.

Tests I’ve taken this week: hearing (passed – which means the nerves controlling this in my brain are unaffected, which is good), spinal MRI (I don’t have official word, but I’m feeling good about it), echo cardiogram (they’re not worried about my heart, just testing to see if I can do a seated surgery vs face down). I have a CT scheduled for Friday and current plan is surgery on May 13th with some pre-op stuff the day before.

So this is my life for a while, then hopefully just another story with a happy ending to laugh and cry about later.