My start-up has only nine employees, many of which haven’t officially started, but we do have two office locations. The choice between San Diego and Seattle isn’t as obvious as it might sound. Let’s go over pros and cons of each.

SD Pros – weather, office is half outdoors, dogs are allowed, beach is a short walk away, did I mention this is San Diego?

SD Cons – dog bites, but the dogs are small and “unlikely to draw blood” according to the owner

Seattle Pros – it’s easy to stay hydrated with all the water

We’re going to stop the comparison right there since it’s clear SD has an unfair advantage. I will say though that at any place you work, it’s all about the people. If you’re going to spend more than half your waking day with the same group of people day in and day out, you better make sure they’re worth it. Nothing will be more important in building a great company than adding great people in the beginning.